What is Toolbar Toolbar is an adware toolbar and responsible to displays pop ups and annoying commercial advertisement on your computer. This is unwanted software for your computer.

Aliases : –
Infection Type : Adware, Unwanted Toolbar
Risk Level : Dangerous
System Affected : Windows Operating Systems

 Download Removal Utility for Toolbar

General Symptoms

  • Displays fake warning messages and “Safety Center Alert ” popups alerts.
  • Flashing icons appear on your system tray (Near of your system clock).
  • Hijacked homepage to unknown webpage.

Manual Removal of Toolbar

Kill Spyware Processes Help )
undata.exeGet rid of Files and Folder ( Help )
C:\Program Files\ Toolbar with NetAssistant
C:\Program Files\Free Offers from
C:\Program Files\Free Offers from\101_Free_Songs.ico
C:\Program Files\Free Offers from\3770.url
C:\Program Files\Free Offers from\4115.url
C:\Program Files\Free Offers from\4294.url
C:\Program Files\Free Offers from\control.txt
C:\Program Files\Free Offers from\dolphinico.ico
C:\Program Files\Free Offers from\games_icon2.icoC:\Program Files\
C:\Program Files\\MyLayout Profile Editor\Files\
C:\Program Files\\MyLayout Profile Editor\first.lck
C:\Program Files\\MyLayout Profile Editor\freeze.ico
C:\Program Files\\MyLayout Profile Editor\ml.ini
C:\Program Files\\MyLayout Profile Editor\MyLayout.exe
C:\Program Files\\MyLayout Profile Editor\undata.exe
C:\Program Files\\MyLayout Profile Editor\undata.ini
C:\Program Files\\MyLayout Profile Editor\UNINSTAL.EXE%DESKTOPDIRECTORY%\ dolphinfree.exe
%desktopdirectory%\ wpaperfree.exe
%local_settings%\ temp\ FreezeDownloader.exe
%program_files%\ YourScreen\ remove.exe
%program_files%\ YourScreen\ YourScreen.exe
%windows%\ dummy.exeDelete following folders ( Help )
MyLayout Profile Editor,
Free Offers from,
1.3.118Delete Registry Values ( Help )
HKLM\Software\\ Toolbar

 Download Removal Utility for Toolbar

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