In a world full of ladies who wish to look perfect and attractive, a great discovery came into existence which is called a corset. A corset is a piece of garment that is worn to shape and tighten a specific part of the body, mostly the waist. The chief motto of wearing a corset is to get a diminutive waist and comparatively superior bottom.

Basics Of A Corset

Corsets nowadays have developed and are available in various shapes, colors, patterns, and sizes. It’s not that hard to find a plus size corset today. That’s not all; these corsets are available as overbust, underbust, with less, and with more amounts of curves.

Corsets can be worn either under or over the clothes. Moreover, it can also be worn alone as they have a stylish look. Additionally, they have different styles like zip-up, lace-up or even have a hook.

Materials Used In Corset

Corsets in this era are available in different kinds of fabrics. You can select the material according to your comfort level or according to your dress. Some popular material used for corsets are:

  • Satin
  • Cotton
  • Brocade
  • Leather
  • Mesh corset

Types Of Corsets

Corsets keep on modifying as the days pass by. It gets updated to give you a perfect, slim waist and enhanced hips. Initially, they make you feel a bit uncomfortable, but with the time you get used to it as it’ll be providing you great posture and self-esteem.

There are several types of corsets, but it depends on your body type which corset will be the one for you. As said earlier, corsets are available for all body types.

Some of the common corsets are:

  • Full bust corset
  • Small bust corset
  • Long torso
  • Wide hips
  • Short torso

Use Of Corsets For Medical Purposes

After reading this article, you now know how important corsets are in the world of fashion. But they are very useful for medical purposes. Corsets, especially steel boning corset have many medical uses. It can be used to maintain body posture and help heal post internal injuries.

A waist training corset can help control back pain and posture of the body. It can give support to your body when you have sudden pain, which is common if you have gone through some internal injuries in the past.

If you have some problems with your spinal cord, then corsets can help improve muscle tension thus helping with the back pain. Also, the steel boned corset act as lumbar support to avoid lumbar injuries during heavy workouts.

Choosing the right corset is very important or else it will just be a bad investment.

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