In the 21st century, every second person’s computer savvy. Yes, computers are used that excessively. Not a single corporate field is an exception for not using these incredible devices. Computers make work easier and faster. In fact, they make our lives better, smarter, and just so much faster! Computers are the future and the sooner we accept the fact, the better it will be for our careers!

Jitter Click

Your Guide for a Joyful Jitter Click Test

Quite evidentially, computers are used for professional and authentic purposes in offices worldwide. But they are also a great way of having fun and adventure. You guessed it right, we’re referring to computer gaming. People across the globe, love gaming and the thrill that comes along with it.

If you’re a computer whizz, you must be aware of the trending click per the second test. It is a test that counts your mouse clicks over a specified period of time, and jitter testing is a part of the same. People seem to be going gaga over this gaming, and thus we present you with the important things for having a smooth gaming time.


The use of computers and a mouse go hand-in-hand. And especially, for the jitter click test, you must use a proper mouse. Because honestly the quality and performance of your test are dependent on how better your mouse is. If your mouse is not up-to-the-mark, you might experience difficulties in clicking, which will eventually lead to poor performance in your test. Thus, get yourself a mouse that is of the proper size and works smoothly!

Hand Style

While taking the test, the mobility of your hand matters a lot. It’s practically your main weapon for getting maximum clicks. So, make sure:

  • Your hand isn’t too loose, if so you won’t be able to get the perfect grip of your mouse and once your hand is uncomfortable, you will naturally get lesser clicks.
  • Simultaneously, make sure you’re not holding the mouse too tight either. If so, you won’t be able to speed up your process of clicking on the mouse. And basically, the test is all about getting as many clicks as possible and if you can’t get that done, what’s the point?

It can be said that the way a person holds a mouse is directly related to his or her performance of this clicking test.


You need to be a little more patient, a bit more concentrated and you will be okay! This test is all about being focused and having enough endurance. For better and improved results, ensure that your mind is not occupied in some other business and you’re fully present in playing the game. If your mind is divided, it will be clearly visible in your result! However, if you check these two very important factors, you’re all set for getting the maximum clicks!

If these three factors are taken well into consideration and are applied effectively while playing the game, you will totally nail this game!

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