You might live in a highly-sophisticated world, but the laws around the world cannot always keep up with your globe-trotting ways. You will learn this right away if you ever try to change your App Store account’s country information.

However, it is still possible to switch your App Store country – which I will show you later in the post – doing so comes with a fair amount of drawbacks, such as losing access to all your previous purchases.

Here’s what you need to know.


Problem With Changing Countries In App Store

If you didn’t know, every country accesses a different version of the App Store.

Many times the iTunes Store & App Store have different apps, music, movies, and other media accessible in them. However, even if two stores have the same content, you can only avail your purchased media from the store you bought it from.

This means that you will lose access to all your current iTunes and App Store purchases when you change your ID to another country.

You can use the apps or other media that you have on your phone currently, but to access the purchases that you hadn’t already downloaded, you will need to change App Store settings back to the original country.

However, this can lead to complications and you can expect to see some problems related to App Store, and such errors on your iPhone can be caused if you interfere with the country settings.

There is one way to get around this problem, and it is to create a second Apple ID account, instead of changing the settings for your current one.

The Advantage Of Creating A Second Apple ID

Rather than changing the country or region for your current Apple ID, sometimes it is beneficial to make a second Apple ID instead. And with different accounts – one for country A and one for country B, for example – you can switch between them anytime without updating your payment information.

All that you have to do is sign out of your Apple ID on your device, then sign in again using the second ID. After doing this, you get instant access to all the iTunes and App Store content from that country, plus your previous purchases.

It is also possible to make a new Apple ID without attaching your payment information to it, allowing you to download the free media in any country.

But there’s also a downside to this, your purchases get separated across two accounts.

Keeping Purchases From A Different Country

You can use any apps, music, movies, TV shows, books, and other purchases on your iPhone regardless of any country or account you purchased them from.

This means that you should download all the purchases on your iPhone that you want to keep using before changing your account country, or before making a separate account.

So before you think of changing your country’s information, keep these things in mind.

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